Maryknoll Estates

Owners Association of Glen Ellyn, Illinois

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Our Articles of Incorporation


B = Babysitting
P = Petsitting
H = Housesitting
S = Snow Shoveling
M = Mother's Helper
Y = Yard Work/Mow

Listed by Birthdate

Mirissa Lucchesi - B,S,M,Y

Emma Eyrich - B,P,H,M


Ben Kozak - P,S

Isabel Bergmann - B,P,M
Josh Dawson - B,P,H,Y
Taylor Erickson - P,M
Leo Hoerdemann - P
Tommy Kling - P,S
Colin Murphy - P
Alexandra Wilharm - B,P,M


Sophia Hoerdemann - P,M
Jack Wilharm - P,S
Aidan Konzelman - P, M, C
Louie Kling - P, S
Abigail Bergmann - B, P, M

Refer to printed directory for phone numbers.

Contact the Webmaster below for additions, deletions or changes.

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Jill Dawson

Frequently asked questions - Who are the current officers of the Maryknoll Estates Home Owners Association? 

2018 Board of Directors

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Dan Branda, President

Renee Konzelman, Vice President 

Jill Dawson, Secretary
HOA Directory, HOA Meeting Minutes, E-mail Distribution List

Andy Goldman, Treasurer

Jeremy Kraft, Director

Bryan Eyrich, Director
Lake maintenance

Rebecca DePorter, Director
General Maintenance / Architectural review

When are meetings and elections?

Meetings are held each month, usually at the home of one of the directors. Homeowners are welcome to attend. Kindly advise a board member in advance, so you can be placed on the agenda and given the location of the next meeting. Minutes are available from the Secretary upon request.

Elections to two-year terms occur near the end of each calendar year. Balloting is by e-mail and mail.  

What is the annual assessment, and how is it used?

The 2017 assessment is $464 per home, billed and payable by February 9th.   

The money is used for common area maintenance of landscaping and trees, paths and lighting, entryways and signs, and the upper pond. It is also used to pay for insurance and accounting services, print the directory, pay for mailings and subsidize the
Block Party. We currently maintain reserves to cover anticipated large projects, such as path replacement, playground equipment and pond restoration.

Check out the 2017 Budget. The most recent quarterly financial statements are available from the Treasurer upon request.

What rules govern what homeowners can and cannot do?

The Maryknoll Estates Owners Association is governed by Articles of Incorporation, original
Covenants, dating from 1978,  Amendments that were enacted in 1980, Bylaws effective in 1987, and Construction Standards, dated March 1980. These documents are available as PDF files by clicking the highlighted links.
If you have any question about exterior construction or landscaping installations you are planning, you should contact the board member in charge of Architectural Review or Landscaping to determine whether board approval would be needed.

To request a copy of Maryknoll Board meeting minutes or Maryknoll Estates HOA Treasury Report, please email