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Tuesday January 10th 2017
7:30 pm at the Branda's home 906 Maryknoll Cir.


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If you are not receiving e-mail notifications, be sure we have your current address.  Also, advise us of any Directory corrections needed and updates to our Young People Willing to Work listing.
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What's new?

Winter has come to Maryknoll upper lake.  Photo by Lee McFadden

Your association

Current officers, duties and contact info. Upcoming events, meetings and elections. Annual assessments and financial highlights. Covenants, amendments, bylaws and construction standards. Plus, a roster of young people willing to work. Official stuff.

Your history
Find any golf tees in your garden? Or ghosts in your closet? The history of Maryknoll is full of surprises.
Interesting stuff.

Your neighborhood
Maryknoll Park puts family fun right next door.  Miniature golf, platform tennis, adventure playground, splash park, picnic shelter, and much more.  Fun stuff.

Your property value

Changing estimate of your home's value, based on adjustments to latest sales data. Advanced search reveals tax info. Satellite view lets you check out other properties.
Cool stuff.

Your hometown
Handy links to the online news of Glen Ellyn Patch and online views of the Glen Ellyn Forum.  Keep up with Glen Ellyn political issues and park district events, schools at all levels, library activities, sports, the arts, restaurants and even service and contractor recommendations. For the Village of Glen Ellyn, there's municipal stuff.